Technological silence

When my phone is quiet

And Facebook sends no notifications

When Twitter feeds no new characters

And Instagram stops showing pictures

When there are no new videos on YouTube

And no news to be heard

When my laptop has died

And the radio makes no noise

When the lights have gone out

And the candles have burnt down

When my violin is broken

And my books won’t open

When the only sound I hear

Is your voice’s song

Then I’ll have found

Where I belong



„Hey, what are you doing?” Toms voice comes from my right. “Have you done the Math assignment already? Any idea how to do number 4?”

“Yeah. Which one was that?”

“The series”

“So at what time do we want to meet today?” Nicole asks loudly from behind me.

“Ah, ok. I think there you have to multiply by one in the beginning. That way you can get rid of the fraction.”

Greg joins Nicole: “Around nine?”

“Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks.” He sits down.

“No problem.”

“Sounds good” I tell Greg and Nicole.

“Ok” Chris comes in as well.

Charlotte starts talking casually to me from the other side of the room, answering what I told her a few hours ago.

“I’ll look at that later.” I tell myself.

“K. And where?” Lia also joins the group.

I get two mails. The first one is from Lee: “Hey, here’s the summary of the last few weeks.”

“Irish pub?”

I take a piece of paper and quickly scramble a “thanks” on it, before mailing it back to him.

“The park?”

The second mail is from Dan. “Hi, I just finished writing the minutes from yesterday evening. Can you quickly look over it to make sure I didn’t forget anything?”

Suggestions for places keep flowing in loudly.

“Hey, how are you?” Elli asks, but I ignore it for the moment. I’ll answer later.

“Can you be quiet for a moment?” I ask them.

They lower their voices.

I skim over what Dan has been writing. I quickly write down: “Hey, I think it’s good as it is.”, and send the piece of paper his way.

“So where do we meet?” I ask.

“I got it now. Thanks again.” Tom gets up and leaves.

I look at my phone. “What was I doing again?”

“You were talking to me.” The girl next to me replies.

“Oh yeah, sorry Liz, you’re right.” I put my phone away. “So how was your day?”



This is my response to the Daily Post Writing Challenge ‘A Lost Art’ which can be found here:

I hope you like it (: