Daily struggle

“I want to,
I’m sure I do!
Why would you
Ignore this truth?”

“Because I know my desire is wrong,
It doesn’t matter how strong.
I have to leave my comfort zone,
And today, it can’t be postponed.”

“But out there, everything is so hard,
A world of which nobody really is part.
Here is where you belong,
Why else would your desire be so strong?”

“I may be weak,
But I haven’t given up yet.
My decision is set,
Now I’ll get up on my feet.”

“Noooooo! Why would you move?
There still was some time to snooze.
How could you leave this comfortable bed?”

“That doesn’t matter now, because there’s no going back.
So I’ll get me a coffee and start my day instead.”


This has been written as part of writing 101. Today’s prompt was titled ‘Give and Take’ and can be found here.

I hope you liked it. (:



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