Three important songs in my life

Today’s writing 101 challenge was to write about three (most) important songs in my life. So these are mine:

Time – Hans Zimmer:

Four notes and the theme is set for the whole song. The never-changing theme in an ever-changing surrounding. For me, this song is a memory, it captures the one year I have been studying in Canada: The friends I made there, the fear and uncertainty while flying there, the emptiness when going back and leaving everything from the last year behind, and the memories. The song starts with a single melody – a single person flying to a new country without knowing anybody there – And it ends with that same melody, alone again though somehow richer – the flight back. And in between, there is a lot of musical adornment surrounding the theme – everything that has happened while being there, from meeting new people to saying goodbye at the airport, slowly building up at first, but then ever going.

How To Save A Life – The Fray:

This song was shown to me by my dancing partner years back when I took a class in classical dance. I really liked it, but – as time went on and I didn’t keep in touch with her – it evolved to not only remind me of her, but of all the friends I have lost contact with due to time and/or distance. And the song also tells me to be grateful for the friends I have, because there is no way of telling whether they will be there in the future too.

Fake Empire – Ryan Lewis:

Because sometimes 7* words and simple, but great backing track is all that is needed to send a message – and to remind me to actually live.

I hope you liked it. (:


*8 if you count “we’re” as two words


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